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The funding of trimm One started with Kickstarter.
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A touch on your bike
New era of bicycle computer emerges.
Lines make styles 8.5mm of thickness of aluminum body*, 3.2-inch screen, 45 grams of weight.** The numbers are not enough to express trimm One. They are just tools to make the style for your rides.
Meet the next generation bike computer

Connectable to sensors with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart including power meters.
3.2-inch LCD need not be bulky. 200 dpi resolution with high contrast giving true eye comforts.
Online-map navigation connecting up to 30 points. Offline map cache.
Real-time synchronization with a smartphone and the server.
You can operate in a simple and intuitive way using three buttons.
Colors completing the styles
Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Gray, Black (and possibly more). The colorful accessory will highlight your bike. Plastic body also available for lighter weights.
Smart Battery Management
The slimness is from our smart battery management technology. internal GPS and attitude sensors, external sensors and the smartphone is collaborating to optimize the energy consumption, especially of location tracking.
Solar Charging Capability (optional)
Do not worry about charging the device before your riding. Smart Battery Management meeting solar charging makes you be free from battery concerns.